Career Counseling

As a teen focusing on something so permanent like a career is not easy. For young adults who may feel lost or afraid to take the next step or question going in a different direction is also difficult. Having a career is not easy work and even when we have a career, some of us do not end up enjoying it.

That is where career counseling can help. We can discuss and set goals for teens and young adults interested in starting or changing a career path. We can process, discuss and talk about what career direction would be best for you. Making a choice out of the blue is not easy, but with guidance and assignments we can help you get there. In the long run this can save you money and time. For in depth career exploration, we suggest a Vocational Evaluation (please see below).

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Vocational Evaluations 

You may be wondering if you are on the right career path, what career options you have or if you have the potential to enter a new vocational field? We are trained and specialize in helping both teens and young adults who want to explore or change career paths. This is a great resource for students thinking about college, entering college or young adults who want to gain a different more meaningful career path.

Our career and vocational testing will help you understand your strengths, work values and what you can improve upon. We can determine this and provide you a written report with recommendations after a two day meeting. The vocational meeting will include a background interview, interest inventory, academic test, aptitude test, brief IQ test and transferable skills assessment. We can meet once or twice to complete all testing and the evaluation.

We specialize in career counseling for teenagers and young adults. We know that part of being a teenager and young adult is planning a career path and making life long choice that can be a very difficult one. We offer career counseling for teens ages 14 and up. By completing vocational testing, you and your teen will have answers in regards to what career is best suited for your teen. This may save you and your teen valuable time and money when applying to college and/or deciding on a major in college. If your teen lacks motivation towards independence or finding a career path, we also offer motivational career counseling sessions.