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Introduction to Counseling

In therapy the use of your mind and imagination are your most powerful tools for a positive transformation. You will imagine and create the life you want and how you can accomplish it, this is known as visualization. Having a visual of the life you want can transform your entire mind set and give you hope. 

Moreover, kids, teens (and young adults) can use their imagination while playing therapeutic board games, mindful coloring, drawing, painting and writing. Play and art therapy help improve communication of your child's thoughts and feelings in a fun and relaxing atmosphere. Research has proven that use of play and art therapy as an outlet, can be beneficial to clients with low self esteem, depression and anxiety. 

During therapy, you will discover validation and understanding of how you are feeling (there is no right or wrong way to feel). Validation is something that most of us do not receive on a daily basis from ourselves or people around us. You will also discover improved ways to behave and understand your emotions. The journey towards change is a process that we take together until you are ready to graduate from therapy.

Counseling usually begins with discussing present day concerns that may impede your present life. We will discuss your everyday actions and how some patterns may not benefit you. Through therapy you will create the life you want to live, how and what changes you can begin to implement. Therapy homework assignments are an important tool that will help you discover and apply what you are learning in counseling. 

You will make new small discoveries about yourself every therapy session. You can also expect to gain insight of prior life events or memories, that may prevent you from making improvements today (yes, it is all connected). It may be difficult for you to know exactly why you make certain choices. By exploring your past you will gain an understanding of your triggers. The ultimate goal of therapy is to prevent negative behaviors and  train your mind to reduce future negativity. 

In our sessions you may also discover our lovable pet therapy dog, Bruce Lee. He is our caring black lab, that enjoys to wag his tail, play fetch, cuddle, eat treats and make clients smile. Research on pet therapy has proven how dogs help ease our emotions and reduce our stress. It is a unique type of therapy that is excellent for anyone who may need help establishing social connections or who does not feel comfortable talking to a therapist.