Adulting Made Easy 


Being a millennial gal in this fast paced world can feel overwhelming, exhausting, stressful, scary and exciting all at once. We are constantly connected and exposed to comparisons, we question the timing of our life and wonder if the milestones captured on Social Media will ever happen for us? It is not easy to be so connected, it cause stress and unrealistic expectations. As a young adult you are expected to be independent, solve your own problems and adult all on your own without much guidance.

Coaching is guidance, it is not mental health treatment or someone telling you what to do.

How can you learn to solve your own problems, have healthy relationships, and work towards a career, if you do not know how?

What if you are not alone in the way you feel, you could regain control and you could adult without fearing all will fail?

Mrs. Stephanie has guided millennial women through life transitions in her counseling sessions. She is excited to launch an online coaching group program and community for busy millennial women who are ready for a change. The groups will be limited to 10 ladies and will require a 3 month commitment. This will include 6, 1 on 1 online coaching sessions, 12 online group coaching sessions, 12 week e-course, including self-care videos and guides. Plus a community of supportive millennial ladies, open live q + a sessions for your coach.

E-mail us and follow us on Social Media to learn more about our launch and when registration will be open, we are busy creating some magic.