Your self-love squad is all about connecting, empathizing and empowering each other.

You will set healthy goals, learn and share about topics related to introspection, who you are, being good enough, anxiety, self-care, self-esteem, boundaries, relationships, career and social pressures.

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Being a millennial lady (ages 23 to 38) in our fast paced world can feel so overwhelming, exhausting, stressful, scary and exciting all at once.

You are constantly connected and exposed to comparisons on and offline.

You question the timing of your life and wonder if the milestones captured on Social Media will come true for you?

You fear that you have to settle for the life you have.

You do not make yourself a priority.

You do not believe in yourself.

You feel pressure to be independent and solve all your own problems. All without healthy guidance or support.

All of this pressure can cause you anxiety, stress and unrealistic expectations.

It can make you feel stuck, not good enough and lead to isolation.

How can you learn to regain control of your life, feel more confident and have healthy relationships, if you do not know how?

How would it feel to know you are good enough, worthy and strong?

How would it feel to be your authentic self and create the life you dream of?

What if you are not alone in the way you feel and you could learn to adult without fearing all the worst case scenarios?

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Mrs. Stephanie has guided and empowered millennial ladies through life transitions and helped them learn to self-love in individual counseling sessions.

These ladies have been able to gain confidence, happiness, maintain healthy relationships, achieve a work life balance, reduce anxiety, put themselves first, be more mindful, feel connected with themselves and others.

Each group will be limited to 7 ladies and will require a 3 month commitment, with an hour long squad session every Monday night in our cozy office.

Mrs. Stephanie will provide you with a safe space to connect, a community, accountability, knowledge, guides and worksheets all designed to reduce anxiety and improve your confidence.

Every week we will explore a new theme to help you reach your awesome goals.

Our Self-Love Squad is all about supportive millennial ladies, with similar interests and dreams.

We ask that you meet with us for one get to know you session, one-on-one, prior to registering to determine if your self-love goals align with our group.

I need this in my life and I am ready to join you!

We are launching spring 2020. Please message us below to reserve a seat.

Group pricing will begin at $45 per group session for 12 weeks of dedicated commitment. We will offer a discount to clients who pay for the group in advance.

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