Mommy Life Made Easier 


Having a new baby is hard work and can have any new mom feeling happy, guilty, afraid, worried, tired, confused and excited all at once. With everyone giving you unwanted advice, you may question if you are being a good mom, or if you are making the best decisions for your baby? The pressure we have as moms to be perfect, juggle it all, have a successful career and amazing dinner ready every night is simply unrealistic.

Coaching is not advice, it is also not mental health treatment. It is guidance and support.

How are you going to be the best mom you know that you can be, without setting realistic expectations, being kinder to yourself, having guidance and a support community?

What if  you are not alone in the way you feel, you could regain control of your life and you could say goodbye to your mom guilt?

Mrs. Stephanie has guided new moms through the early stages of motherhood in her counseling sessions. She is excited to launch an online coaching group program and community for moms who are busy and ready for a change. The groups will be limited to 10 new moms and will require a 3 month commitment. This will include 6, 1 on 1 online coaching sessions, 12 online group coaching sessions, 12 week e-course, including videos and self-care guides. Plus a community of supportive new moms, open live q + a sessions for your coach.

E-mail us and follow us on Social Media to learn more about our launch and when registration will be open, we are busy creating some magic.