Do You Have an Empty Couch? Grow Your Private Practice With Us Today.

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My practice was not always stable and growth was not always predictable…

but the struggles have all been worth the freedom, flexibility and enjoyment that I find doing what I love most, therapy will my ideal clients. Not all of us realize that we can get paid to do what we love the most. What if you had the same opportunity?

Are you ready to jump into the world of mental health private practice but have no idea where to begin? We know first hand that Private Practice 101 was not a course offered in psychology graduate school. If you want to start a counseling practice and you are new (or fairly new) this is the coaching program for you. We have done all the work for you and have found real world results to teach you how.

In addition, to having grown her own private practice from the ground up in the last five years, Mrs. Stephanie provides vocational evaluations, career counseling and is a Qualified Supervisor for Mental Health Counselor interns in the state of Florida.

Our group coaching will be launching soon and will be reserved for 8 members every quarter. E-mail us below for more updates on our coaching courses for newbie mental health professionals coming soon.

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