Stop Mass Shootings and Increase Mental Health

Once again, we turn on the news to hear of a mass shooting spree in our country. It truly is saddening and disheartening to know that innocent lives have been lost. I ask for what reason, why does this keep happening, why can't we work together to find a solution? Yes, many politicians are asking for stricter gun laws, which may help prevent some guns from being in the wrong hands, but our failure would be to ignore the individuals who are or may be contemplating pulling the trigger. 

The importance of mental health is over looked when talking about homicide or shootings. Many, if not all of the individuals involved in the mass shootings have been experiencing signs and symptoms related to a mental health diagnosis. By not talking about mental health we keep missing a key component in why some people kill. Understanding, preventing and seeking help for people in our community who need it the most, is a key in stopping this horrific pattern of mass shootings. 

As a nation we have to come together, stop monopolizing insurance and make health care standard. No, the system we have in place today does not work. Many of my clients know that Medicaid, Obama Care or Medicare does not cover their mental health needs. This is truly sad, that as a clinician I can not help the people who need help the most. If we do not learn to prevent mental health related tragedies, they will keep happening.