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At Serene Mind Psychology, we help teens and young adults feel safe, confident and happy.  We are a boutique, counseling and therapy practice. We cater our services to each Tampa Bay individual.

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Please remember the information on this blog intends to provide educational information only and is not to be relied upon as a source of advice. Please do not rely upon material for mental health advice, this site is intends to aid only in understanding the psychology or mental health process. While every effort is made to ensure that the information is correct and accurate, please understand that new research is made available everyday and can change at anytime rendering any of the information as provided obsolete. Please do not make any mental health decision without first consulting a licensed mental health professional.


Behind the Trigger

Stephanie Moir

Mass shootings are becoming all too popular and the controversy is spreading about gun access and mental health. As a mental health counselor I do not believe either guns or mental illness are solely to blame. We should be focused on access to mental health and preventative services.

Many outpatient therapy clients are not experiencing a mental health crisis and are not likely to go on a mass shooting spree. However, metal health access to all is crucial for preventative treatment and catching early signs of a mental health crisis. As psychologists we are trained to ask questions, make observations and to help prevent potential tragedies. What can we help prevent if our potential clients do not have access to our services?

The problem arises with access to mental health therapy and insurance companies who monopolize the price of health insurance. Thus making effective practitioners scarce and making treatment ineffective for some clients. These clients who have limited or no access of practitioners are most in danger of experiencing a crisis and not having any help through their downfall.  

As a nation we have to come together and realize that the problem with guns and violence is much more than just the person pulling the trigger. The responsibility begins with access to preventative mental health care. The solution is not simple but we have to find a way to unite and promote affordable mental health care for everyone.