Does spanking work?

Spanking a child teaches them fear and increases violence, it does not increase obedience. The fear instilled in children after spanking does not mean your child will respect you or listen to you anymore than before. In fact fear creates insecurities, has a negative impact on child development and children begin to question their self worth. This eventually can lead to low self esteem and possible depression, not just in childhood years but later on during adolescence. 

I am a strong believer in using behavioral methods and praise to increase a child's positive behavior. The best way to teach children to listen and be respectful is by reinforcing positive behaviors, praising good behavior and giving attention to your child for the behavior you want to see. By giving your child love and attention, they will want to please you and they will reciprocate the positive emotions. This teaches self control, positive social skills and emotional regulation. 

Parents who believe in spanking are choosing this method for a variety of reasons including: it was done to them, they believe it is a form of teaching, they are not aware of the negative effects on child development due to spanking and they simply feel behavioral techniques do not work for their child. All of the above reasons are excuses, educate yourself and realize that spanking only teaches children to hit and be violent. The last thing we should want for our children is for them to grow up thinking that hitting and hurting equals respect or love.