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At Serene Mind Psychology, we help teens and young adults feel safe, confident and happy.  We are a boutique, counseling and therapy practice. We cater our services to each Tampa Bay individual.

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How to change anxious thoughts?

Stephanie Moir

Many people become discouraged by intrusive thoughts. It can lead to questioning how we are performing, how we view ourselves and what others think of us. Anxious thoughts can be prolonging you from succeeding in your everyday life. Sometimes we underestimate the power of a thought. What some people may not realize is that your thinking, feeling and behavior are all an equilibrium. Fortunately you can change your thoughts before they spiral out of control!

Here are some ways you can stop anxious thoughts:

1. Recognize how you are feeling 

2. Do not avoid the anxious thoughts 

3. Try to reason and logic with your thoughts 

4. Take small steps each day to reduce your fears

5. Practice being in the "here and now"

6. Repeat and keep changing, little by little everyday