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At Serene Mind Psychology, we help teens and young adults feel safe, confident and happy.  We are a boutique, counseling and therapy practice. We cater our services to each Tampa Bay individual.

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Seventeen Signs Your Teen is Depressed

Stephanie Moir

Teens are one of my favorite age group to work with. They are young, impressionable, highly emotional, shy and can be explosive at times. As a teen therapist I see many parents who ask me when they should be concerned about their child's mood swings. Some parents believe their teen is just going through typical "teenage mood swings." Many parents are mistaken and ask me "what are simple signs I can look for to make sure my teen is not depressed.?" Here are some depression signs you can start looking for: 

1. Your teen is spending more time alone in their room. 

2. Your teen is wearing long sleeves and pants during warm weather. 

3. Your teen is talking to you less and less everyday.

4. Your teen has new friends that you have not met. 

5. Your teen is crying for no reason. 

6. Your teen is angry for no reason. 

7. Your teen lost interest in a favorite hobby or after school activity. 

8. Your teen is drinking or using illegal drugs. 

9. Your teen is going to bed extra late (or not sleeping at all). 

10. Your teen sleeps all day while the sun is out. 

11. Your teen is barely eating or eating much more than usual. 

12. Your teen is spending more time on the computer alone. 

13. Your teen does not talk about friends at school.

14. Your teen is cutting or self harming. 

15. Your teen has changed their hair style to cover his/her eyes. 

16. Your teen is struggling in school. 

17. Your teen is giving away valuable possessions. 

Not all teens are the same and some of the above depression signs may not be applicable in your situation. If you suspect your teen is depressed, please do note hesitate to call for help.