Self Care is Not Selfish

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We never stop. As women we are always on the go, cooking, cleaning, working, doing. We forget that taking care of others, includes taking care of ourselves. Our own guilt plays a role in how much we do and how little we stop to think about us. Self care is not selfish. 

Self care is necessary. We can not expect our minds, bodies and souls to keep functioning if we do not take a moment to unplug. In a world of instant gratification in which everything is at our finger tips, it is ironic that we do not find a way to stop and just relax. Imagine if we reset and took a moment everyday to practice a self care routine? 

Having experienced my own struggle with self care after going through infertility and traumatic labor, I know from personal experience how important self care is. Going through all this immense pain, I began thinking how I could make similar, difficult experiences for women much more comforting and easier. That is how I Care Crate was born, and soon will be launching. 

Practicing self care is a way we show ourselves love, gratitude and appreciation. Lets face it, if we loved ourselves more, we would have an easier time in our roles as wives, mothers, sisters, aunts, grandmothers, students, colleagues, bosses and friends. Self care is self love and that is the greatest gift you can ever give yourself.