Body Language & First Impressions

First impressions matter, whether you are going to a job interview or a first date. People form an impression upon meeting you which is almost irreversible. If you cross your arms during your first meeting, you may unwillingly always be labeled as closed and angry.  Our body language can make or break a job interview or first date for us. 

Fortunately, there are ways to improve your non-verbal signs to make you seem more desirable. First, mirroring or copying someones behavior can help you create a non-verbal connection. This shows the person you are open and will help you to establish rapport. 

Eye contact is also important and signals that you are paying attention. Socially we look at people when we address them to establish that we are confident and not lying. By looking at each other in the eye you are creating a deeper relationship based on trust. 

Finally, framing or standing in front of a group can also signal confidence. We want to "frame" ourselves, just as if we were a valuable picture or painting. Framing can occur by standing in front and in between a group. You will be the center of the group and this will make you seem more powerful and confident.  How we enter a room is also important. While walking in through a door way pause, stand confident with a firm posture and your arms open to seem inviting yet confident. 

Body language is an everyday part of our socialization. Sometimes we forget the importance of our non-verbal cues and this has powerful consequences. Practice your inviting,  confident body language and you will succeed.