Are superstitions helpful?

Miami Heat player, Lebron James lost his headband during game six, last week of the basketball finals. This was an odd sight, since he wears this headband at every game and during every play. It was accidentally knocked off when he went for a basketball shot. James was in the moment and continued playing without the headband. He scored 12 points and dominated the court during those moments. After the game he was asked if he would wear the headband during the final championship game. He said he would, and continued with "I am a little superstitious." 

Lebron is not the only athlete or person to make public superstitious beliefs. Superstitions are created in our minds to gain a sense of control over possible uncertainties. Lebron's uncertainty was the outcome of the Heat winning the championship. As silly as it may sound, his headband kept him grounded and calm. Although Lebron lost his lucky headband he was able to maintain calm and play well. This may demonstrate that he is less in need of his headband then he realizes.  

Superstitions are not all negative and can help in some instances. However, make sure you are aware of your superstitions and do not let them become bigger than you. If you experience tension, excessive worry, difficulty sleeping, obsessive thoughts, exhaustion or repetitive ritual behavior that has grown out of control you may be in need of therapeutic help.