Is your stress unattractive?

A study conducted in Ireland demonstrated participants agreed that people who appear more anxious also appear to look more unattractive. As busy humans we do have a tendency to worry and to have anxiety. Sometimes this worry turns to a catastrophe, we let our anxiety and negative thoughts get bigger than us. How can we stop our anxiety from expanding and help us appear more attractive? 

First, do not surround yourself with other people who have negative energy. We sometimes do not realize our friends and family convey these negative thoughts of anxiety and this adds to our own anxiety. Learn to pick and choose who you surround yourself with. You have control over who you communicate with on a personal basis and you have the right to ask them to please stop this cycle of negative thoughts. 

Worrying irrationally and negative anxiety is created when we tend to live our life as if we were in the past or future. To control your anxiety focus on the present and concentrate on today. Be mindful of things you can control and be aware of your present surroundings. You are the only one who can create a calmer atmosphere for yourself, minimize your anxiety and thus appear more attractive.