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Building Self-Esteem + Confidence 

All teens want to be admired, appreciated, feel and be loved. Teens with low self esteem do not feel admired, appreciated or loved and can have additional symptoms related to poor self esteem. They may also exhibit anxiety, depression and be unsure about themselves or their decisions.

School life and home life are two of the places where children and teens learn to accept themselves, feel loved and appreciated. If your child or adolescent is not performing well at school or they are being bullied their self esteem is negatively impacted. At home family disagreements, yelling, fighting or poor family unity may also be negatively impacting your child or teen’s self esteem.

Teens who have low self esteem may try hard to please others or fit in, fall into peer pressure, become angry when their needs are not met or feel they are unworthy of being loved. Your teen may be exhibiting poor decision making skills, making poor choices and lack motivation to perform independently. They may feel angry and rebel or lash out towards loved ones. Your teen may also feel that they are past the breaking point and may believe that they are not worthy.

Therapy can help your teen gain insight about their inappropriate behavior. Through therapy they will be guided and encouraged to make better decisions and restore their self worth. They will be able to improve and change by regaining inner strength. During therapy sessions they will learn to view their true value and will be empowered towards success.