"Mrs. Stephanie helped our family during a time when we were most in need. She helped our daughter to improve her grades and to improve her self confidence in school. Thank you for all your help!" 

- The Thankful Family

"We were not sure where to turn for help for our teen. We found Mrs. Stephanie on Psychology Today and it was a wonderful thing that we did. She was attentive and great from our first counseling session."

 - The Psychology Today Family


"Unlike other therapists, Mrs. Stephanie actually answered her phone and I was able to connect with her on the telephone. I am glad I called and started therapy to reduce my depression."

- The No Longer Depressed Young Adult


"She is great, hands down, call her do not wait until tomorrow. I am happy with my life now!" 

- The Happy Young Adult 

"Serene Mind is a practice that stood out to our family since day one. We felt like family and Mrs. Stephanie was always responsive to our needs. We are now graduates and are welcome back whenever we need to return to therapy." 

- The Graduate Family 


We Appreciate Your Continued Love and Support!

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