You Are Unique and Part of a Generation That is Ever Changing.

Our Therapy Practice Focuses on Helping Millennials and Young Adults Going Through Everyday Transitions In Person and Online. 

We Relate to You, Your Trends, Your Mindset and Views.


We were the first and original therapy practice focusing on young adults and millennial counseling in all of Tampa Bay.

We have helped young adults who have reported previously feeling overly worried, sad, angry, isolated, depressed, anxious, stressed and agitated. You may have previously tried to relieve your stress in your own way but maybe realized talking to someone who is non biased, and can validate you would be best. You can learn new and positive ways gain the life you want. 

What will you get from coming to therapy?

We are not your mom, dad, best friend or even dog. That is the beauty of therapy, you have a neutral party you are talking to about everything and anything you want. You can do this in a safe, comforting space.

As our client, you can expect to establish rapport with ease. The communication, trust and relationship we have will be the basic building block for your success in counseling therapy. If trust is established quickly, you will be able to reach therapy goals related to depression and anxiety at a faster rate. This is benefits you, since it will save you precious time and money. 

You are the Expert, We Only Guide

Our counseling style is geared towards your needs and lifestyle. We provide a caring and comfortable environment, in which you are the expert in your life story. We believe every individual comes to therapy all ready full of answers and it is our job to channel it.

We expect to work together with you, by processing past emotions, thoughts and memories you may not even be aware of. In therapy you will learn to prevent negative behaviors from occurring again and gain the ability to empower yourself.

That Sounds Awesome. When Can We Meet?

For your convenience we are available afternoon and evening hours. We are also available for e-therapy or online sessions to anyone who resides in Florida, from the comfort of your home. That way no matter where you are we can still stay connected and communicate. 

Side Note for Any Parents of Young Adults or Millennials:

We appreciate your willingness to help and empathy for your young adult. However, to increase independence, responsibility and demonstrate motivation for counseling, we ask that your young adult (18 and older) please call or email us for an appointment. This is the first key towards your young adult reducing depression and anxiety symptoms.

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