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At Serene Mind Psychology, we help teens and young adults feel safe, confident and happy.  We are a boutique, counseling and therapy practice. We cater our services to each Tampa Bay individual.

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A Serene Mind is Only a Call Away

Are you tired of searching for a therapist to help your teen? Is your teen not acting like themself? Are you worried about how this will impact them? Does your teen have trouble believing in themself? Is your teen cutting or thinking about self harm? We can help your teen learn to communicate, connect with the way they feel, learn new behaviors, improve academics and build social skills. Our success is based on our ability to establish rapport and engage teens in counseling sessions.

Are you a young adult in search of a therapist who can connect with you and understand your way of thinking? Are you feeling down, worried, angry or as if you do not belong? Do you want to be able to succeed in school, perform your best at work and feel understood in your relationships? Are you tired of diagnosing yourself but not doing anything about it? We can help you gain control and take charge of your life again. Our success is based on our ability to understand and relate to your lifestyle, language and ever evolving life.

Are you a young woman sad, worried or angry about your fertility? Are you overwhelmed, anxious and frustrated trying to become a mom? Are you pregnant or postpartum and feeling overly worried, down or simply overwhelmed? We can help you gain understanding of your emotions, improve your behavior and find the support you are in search of.

Seeking a psychologist, counselor or therapist can be a tremendous task, during an already stressful time. Your emotions and behavior can be growing out of control. Do not wait until you run out of patience. Please know you are not alone and there is help. Reach for the phone and contact Serene Mind Psychology today. It is a brave step, that will help you regain clarity, hope and happiness.

Call us to find out about evening or afternoon therapy appointment availability for your teen or young adult. Our therapy office is conveniently located in the Tampa Bay area. 

Want to learn more about therapy and how we can help you? Read about our most common questions and answers. 

Your Serene Mind Starts Here

At Serene Mind Psychology, we help teens and young adults feel safe, confident and happy.  We are a boutique, counseling and therapy practice. We cater our services to each Tampa Bay individual. Due to our growing demand, we only accept a limited amount of individuals every month. If are you ready for amazing life long changes, this is the counseling practice for you.  Pick up the phone and call us today.

Working together,  you will learn and grow, in a relaxing, comfortable and fun environment. You will feel this from your initial first phone call. For the last five years, we have specialized in working with teens and young adults who want to: feel happier everyday, connect with their families, talk to new people, succeed in school, concentrate at work, gain a promotion, find a new job, get married, start a family, learn to love themselves, learn from past mistakes and overcome fear. In therapy we will work towards eliminating negativity and regain your joy. Your success is important and you can expect to gain the life you have been searching for. 

You may be wondering, if therapy will benefit you or a family member? Therapy can be beneficial if you are feeling down, sad, angry, worried and things are not getting better. You may notice you are making decisions that have not resulted in solving any problems. You may actually be making them bigger. 

Therapy is for everyday stress. It can help reduce pressure and help you or a family member who is experiencing a life transition. Therapy can help if you are simply overwhelmed or are not at your optimal level of happiness. Just because you meet with a therapist does not mean you are losing your sanity. This is FALSE and actually stereotypical. The reality is everyone can use some extra help once in a while. Asking for help just means, I am ready to try a different route, to get to my end goal. Everyone can benefit from solving problems and living a more fulfilling life. 

During our sessions, we will work to accomplish your goals. These goals may range from: loving or accepting myself, being more confident, learning patience, establishing healthy boundaries, practicing self care, feeling happier, learning how to talk to new people, staying calm, making friends, think before I act, making better grades, improving my relationships, controlling my thoughts or feeling like myself at work. By coming to therapy you will gain insight about your decisions. You will be empowered to take control of your life and the choices that you make.

Serene Mind Success Stories

"Mrs. Stephanie helped our family during a time when we were most in need. She helped our daughter to improve her grades and to improve her self confidence in school. Thank you for all your help!" - The Thankful Family

"We were not sure where to turn for help for our teen. We found Mrs. Stephanie on Psychology Today and it was a wonderful thing that we did. She was attentive and great from our first counseling session." - The Psychology Today Family

"Unlike other therapists, Mrs. Stephanie actually answered her phone and I was able to connect with her on the telephone. I am glad I called and started therapy to reduce my depression." - The No Longer Depressed Young Adult

"She is great, hands down, call her do not wait until tomorrow. I am happy with my life now!" - The Happy Young Adult 

"Serene Mind is a practice that stood out to our family since day one. We felt like family and Mrs. Stephanie was always responsive to our needs. We are now graduates and are welcome back whenever we need to return to therapy." - The Graduate Family 

For additional therapy reviews or qualifications visit Mrs. Stephanie's profile on Health Grades or LinkedIn.